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Talking to others can relieve stress and lower your anxiety. Jumpstart your day with a short daily conversation with other people like yourself.

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Share your goals in writing

Have you ever felt like you're talking to a wall and nobody hears you? We get it - and we know the experience first hand. That's why with FlockIn you're guaranteed to get responses to the things you say.

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Working alone is not healthy.

We all know that being alone is not healthy. Surely, working without peers or somewhat regular collaborators allows for a certain freedom of creativity and control over one's own time. But it also creates stress and anxiety. We offer you a way to continue working solo, and be in control, but at the same time we are your community at hand to support you when you need it.

With Flockin you can have your "daily standup" chat when it's convenient for you. If you don't need the chat, but still would like to get some accountability from posting/discussing your goals - just post them here, and someone else will read them and respond.

We are your virtual peers. Join us and stop living in the void.